Founder Story

Vietnamese traditional family meals always contain a lot deep meanings, they embody the affection and close connections between members of the family. The love within family is daily nourished by savory meals cooked by diligent women who would go to the market early in the morning to buy the freshest ingredients, and make nourishing food for their families. Therefore, Family Foods Market has been created to help in reducing the inconvenience of buying groceries, whether it’s on rainy or sunny days.

One of Family Foods Market’s most important criteria is to invariably be thorough in selecting reputable suppliers, so that when the products reach the customers’ hands, it will be of the best quality with traceability. More than anyone else, we understand that only fresh products can create nutritious food and improve family health.

Family Foods Market strives to be not only an ideal place for family members to shop in, but also a place where gastronomes can take their pleasure in the finest food and drinks. Our goal is to make choosing fresh products for your meals easier than ever before.

Moreover, coming to Family Foods Market, customers will receive the best experience with our services. We consistently make sure that all counters in the supermarket are well kept and the shopping area is frequently cleaned. By raising the standards of our services, we aim to contribute in enhancing our consumers’ quality of life.

With the devotion and orientation of Familly Foods Market, we believe that Family Foods Market will be able to bring profound values and high-quality products to every customer.


Customers will experience a luxurious, high-class and smart shopping space in European style, while be enjoying a clean environment following the high standards.


Family Foods Market is not just about selling but also serving. With a team of professional and genial staff, every customer is served unconditionally and supported in any legitimate request.


With our main criterion highlighting the importance of consumers’ health, Family Foods Market will invariably provides the essential products with the best quality.


Family Foods Market always strives to create more beneficial offers, programs, and policies exclusively for the customers, maximise importing goods directly from the manufacturer so that customers can buy quality products at fair prices.

The ideal place for all families to shop for the finest products at the most reasonable prices and with the most value.

The supermarket offers various unique products, helping customers to have more options in choosing gifts for friends and business partners.

Many daily, weekly and special promotions help customers to save their money while shopping.


If there is information to share, customers can send information by filling in this section. Family Foods Market will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!