Three types of membership cards available in Family Foods Market

Each customer will be able to create a member account that is not part of a household or business. All points accumulated from purchases will go into the membership account or into the company account when issueing VAT invoices to their company.
Each family will be given a membership account which is owned by all individual customers who are members of the family. All members’ points will be added into the household membership card (if desired).
Each corporate customer will be provided a membership account, which helps to save money in all shopping activities of the company with the earned points and easily issue VAT bills when business customers need them.

Details of the reward points program for members of Family Foods Market

Levels of membership
1. Levels of membership
– Normal class: customers who own an activated membership account and are not a member of the VIP class
– VIP class: customers who own a membership account that has been activated and has met the condition of obtaining a required amount of value from purchasing products at Family Foods Market during a ranking period. 25,000,000VND or more for individuals or households and 50,000,000VND or more for companies.
2. Points generation rate
– Normal class: Get 1% of the total payment value as reward points
– VIP class:
+ Get 1% of the total payment value as reward points
+ Receive 05 shopping coupons worth 100.000VND after each duration of membership’s level classifying
+ Receive 01 voucher for 5% off of a birthday package provided by Smart Kids Playground
+ Receive 01 80% off voucher when purchasing a 06-12-month entrance pass of Smart Kids Playground
+ Receive 01 voucher for 25% off of any course of Smart Kids Education
Guidelines on opening and using an account
– Each customer has only 1 membership account
– Customers only need to read their phone numbers once when registering for the first time and the system will automatically accumulate points using face recognition technology in their next visits.
– Customers also need to provide their ID cards/ Passports numbers or tax code of their company, along with details of the company to create their account and redeem the reward points.
Membership classifying date
The membership classification for the VIP class will be conducted on the 25th day of March, June, September, and December of every year.
Guidelines on accumulating points & redeeming reward points
1. Guidelines on accumulating points
– Customers can accumulate points by purchasing any product of Family Foods Market
– Reward points are earned according to the accumulation rate (%) of each service provided by the partnering units after deducting short-term discounts/promotions (if any).
– Points are accumulated based on the entire value of the invoice.
– On some special promotions which clearly states “Not applicable to accumulate points”, reward points will not be accumulated.
– A customer cannot accumulate points or request splitting bills to simultaneously accumulate points for multiple membership accounts at Family Foods Market
2. Redeeming reward points
– Customers can use their points on all products of Family Foods Market
– During the payment process, customers are asked to provide a specific number of points that they want to spend on each payment
– In case the cashier requests for ID card’s numbers, customers need to provide accurate information of it when redeeming points
3. VAT invoices
– The value shown on the VAT bill is the total costs of the products after deducting the redeemed points’ value.
Forms of notification
After the membership’s class upgrading period, Family Foods Market will send a notification email to the VIP customers. If customer does not meet the conditions to maintain the VIP class, Family Foods Market will automatically change their membership’s class from VIP to the regular one or continue maintaining at the Normal class for the customer.

Details of privilieges of Family Foods Market’s membership cardholders

Benefits received from the loyal customer program
Customers will enjoy lots of benefits when they become loyal customers of Family Foods Market:
– Accumulating and redeeming points according to the universal mechanism for Normal and VIP membership and according to the program’s rules in each period
– Joining in many special programs (if any)
– Enjoy various privileges exclusively for the memberships as prescribed by the program’s rules in each perio
Increased benefits for VIP cardholders
Customers who own VIP membership cards will enjoy increased benefits from many partners of Family Foods Market:
– Exclusive offers with exclusionary discounts for products/services of Smart Kids Playground, Smart Kids Education, Calista Studio and digital transformation solutions company Starschema